About Pete – Bodywork

I love touch, I live through touch, contact and presence.

Pete WarnockI have worked internationally as a practitioner and teacher of presence based work since 1992 – working in the fields of bodywork, healing and energy work, sacred intimacy, breath work and meditation. I integrate techniques from the most subtle energy based modalities to the deep tissue work of trigger pointing, rolfing and myofascial work to create what I call Synergy Bodywork.

My sessions offer a unique training, teaching you how to tune in to ‘presence’ and listen throughout your body, beyond your mind to the silent knowingness beyond suffering. These ‘skills’ are invaluable, enabling you to deal with whatever life brings you with clarity and compassion and bringing you into greater harmony with life.

I have treated clients from all walks of life from beggars in India to royalty, top showbiz and sports celebrities and even the head of a religion. Through working with thousands of people, both individually and when facilitating groups, I became increasingly aware of peoples yearning for connection caused by a lack of self love and self intimacy – and saw just how much sexual repression and emotional holding is locked into the body which affects us in every area of our lives.

From this awareness developed a deep heart felt compassion and a knowing that I needed to take people deeper, to take this compassion, love and truth into the most intimate and wounded places. From this Synergy Tantric Bodywork was born. I hold a clear space for this work to unfold – I bring no sexual agenda.

Very few women are really met by a man in intimacy without any sexual agenda, very few men meet women in their authority as the masculine principal without the desire to excite themselves or to try to excite their partner to make them feel ‘more of a man’.

I am a fully qualified and insured professional therapist and am blessed to have regular supervision sessions with Ian Wolstenholme who is a highly experienced psychotherapist and an enlightened spiritual visionary.

Over the years I have had the delight of training with some inspirational teachers and masters in many countries and I continue to deepen my awareness, experience and training wherever I go.


Pete & Kalindi shortPete & JoshI live a deeply fulfilled life in a tantric relationship with my partner Kalindi Jordan, an intimacy coach and founder of The Art of the Sensual Woman – she is a true inspiration to me and those who come into contact with her. I have a beautifully vibrant 9 year old son called Joshua – he is one of my greatest and favourite teachers in the realms of compassion and love.

Under the name Living in Love, Kalindi and I run relationship development programs for couples who want to develop more love, connection, trust, intimacy and passion in their relationship.  We offer training in Sacred Intimacy, Bhakti Tantra, and we offer sessions in The Synergy Four-hands Massage Experience and The Synergy Four-hands Tantric Massage Experience.



For the past six years I have been a core team therapist and workshop facilitator for The Arrigo Programme which is the winner of the Conde Nast Traveller award for Best Holistic Hideaway – anywhere in the World.


because I am a girlI support the charity Plan International for their ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. This amazing campaign covers many issues that girls and women face around the world, including combating gender based violence, child marriage, eliminating female genital mutilation and many more.