Touch and Massage

touchScience shows us that touch is a basic human need. Skin hunger is as real as stomach hunger, yet it is so restricted by our society because it is wrongly equated with sex and because of this, many of us have lost the ability to nurture ourselves and each other through touch. Our body is a massive sensory organ, created for us to navigate and experience the world around us – especially through touch. Unfortunately we have learned to often confuse wonderful sensual feelings with sexual acts which can have many mental and emotional stories associated them – and which can cause a vast spectrum experiences from pleasure to suffering depending on these stories.

It would be wonderful if we could openly touch and show affection without hang-ups. For most of us we were taught to express such intimacy only in sexual relationships. But intimacy doesn’t necessarily include sex, and increasingly nowadays sex does not necessarily involve intimacy!

touchAlthough massage is becoming more mainstream, much of it is increasingly gaining a bad reputation as many practitioners use it as a cover up for sex and prostitution. Therefore people are often hung up over massage and touch.

Massage acts as an invitation for the recipient to experience their body in a deep, profound way, where experiencing, receiving and relaxing into pleasure is completely safe and natural. And where those parts of us that don’t feel safe and natural can be met and healed in a safe environment.

My work helps the body open to touch, inviting an ever deeper enlightened awareness of sensuality, self intimacy and presence.