Being ‘This’ Breath

Come and participate in beautiful guided group breath-work session to open to the wonder of simply being “this”.

Earth breathOver the past 20 years Peter has developed his own style of presence based breath-work which facilitates a relaxation on both the in breath and the out breath. This means that half of the time breathing is spent in surrender i.e. not using any effort. This leads the ‘breather’ to a deeper state of embodied relaxation and vibrant aliveness. We will be exploring some diaphragmatic stretches and different breathing patterns prior to the main’ breathe’.

Come and explore yourself as pure presence.

When: To be confirmed – 7.00 – 10.00pm
Where: The Goddess Hall, Benedicts Close, Benedicts Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9NB
Cost: £10
Please bring a cushion, blanket and sheepskin for your comfort. Hot drinks are provided – please eat lightly before or after the session.

For info & bookings call Peter on 07929838667