Breath Better, Live Better Masterclass

Breathing ApparatusTuesday 6th March

Thursday 5th April

& Thursday 3rd May

7.15 – 10.15pm

The Goddess Hall, Glastonbury

How we breathe affects our quality of life and the quality of how we respond to outside influences.

Breathing is both incredibly simple yet incredibly complex. It is ‘hard wired’ in us – no breath = no life

As babies we begin breathing perfectly but one of the first things we learn to do is adapt and suppress our breathing to help us deal with difficult and threatening experiences as adrenaline floods the body in response to the stress. In a way when we are babies we master our breathing to deal with adrenaline and that which generates stress within our environment but we keep replaying these patterns with any stressful situations in life and soon these adapted ways of breathing become naturalised, habitual and dominant. So we remain in a continual low level state of adrenalised reactivity and stress – in time we become used to this state and forget just how profoundly we are able to relax and trust the flow of life.

Most of us have trained ourselves to breathe so badly that our life is dramatically compromised. Poor breathing supresses and limits the quality of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states and the capacity to which we can experience pleasure, peace, relaxation, vibrancy and spirit.


Breath better, live better has been carefully designed to re-educate our breathing habits, I have personally discovered, practiced and honed these techniques throughout my lifetime.


  • Learn simple breathing techniques change your state of being.
  • Learn how to re-train or reset your breathing back to naturalness.
  • Learn how mastering your breathing enables you to master your emotional responses.
  • Learn a simple and affective way of dealing with anxiety ad panic attacks.
  • Learn specific ’breath mechanics’ to strengthen your breathing apparatus – lungs, diaphragm and other breathing muscles.
  • Learn how to increase your lung volume.
  • Learn to centre yourself and turbo-charge your vibrancy in seconds.
  • Learn to balance your O2 & CO2 levels for optimum living.


These workshops teach the nuts and bolts of better breathing and different types of breathing for generating different types of experience.


Are you ready to breathe yourself into more vitality and profoundly relaxed vibrancy?


I am sharing these as a series of daytime and evening workshops with a view to running longer events and Better Breathing Immersion retreats. They are also available as a series of 1-1 sessions.

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