Breath is life, without it for only a few minutes we die. Over the past twenty years I have explored my breath, pushed it’s edges, gone beyond my comfort zones and have become more alive and aware as a result. I have developed my own systems of breath work so they you too can reap the benefits by learning to expand and strengthen your breathing mechanism and by training yourself to breathe in the most effective way you can. I do this in one-to-ones and in group sessions.


Infinity Breath-Work

BreatheDo you suffer from shortness of breath?
Do you want to have a larger capacity for breath?
Do you want to get more out of life but don’t know how?
Do you want to experience ecstasy without drugs?
Do you want a simple 20 second way to reach peak state?
Do you want an effective and natural way to deal with anxiety?


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“A better quality of breath means a better quality of life.”   Peter Warnock