Breathe Better, Sing Better Masterclass

Singing the SacredBecome a more embodied & powerful singer with less effort

Learn a short breathing routine to turbocharge your diaphragm & lung power

Explore Pete’s techniques to stretch and strengthen your entire breathing apparatus

Discover how, where and why we confine and suppress our breath and our voice

Learn to breathe more fully and naturally

Learn simple exercises that will induce a present, embodied, peak state experience

This is an exciting workshop for singers looking at how, where and why we confine and suppress our breathing, and then explore specific techniques learning how to stretch and expand our breathing apparatus which will begin to retrain us to breathe more fully and naturally. In the longer workshops we will also work with releasing the emotional patterns that can prevent people breathing to their full capacity.

“A better quality of breath brings a better quality of life”

Next workshop:

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