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Ananda Murtaye share devotional songs from around the world. The core members are Elise Yuill on lead vocals and guitar, Kalindi Jordan on harmonium & vocals and Peter Warnock on guitar & vocals. Our soon to be released album Songs of Devotion include Tom Simenauer on Tabla, James Watts on deduk & vocals and Isis Wolf vocals. The band also includes guest appearances from friends from time to time.

Click here to listen to clips of our blissful songs from our new album Songs of Devotion, which was released on 16th November – you can buy it here...

Ananda Murtaye is sanskrit for ‘bliss embodied’.


Bhajans at Yogasara, Bristol with Ananda Murtaye,

Beautiful evenings of music to open the heart, bhajans and sacred songs from around the world sung in delicious harmony.
Cost: Suggested donation of £5-£10

2015 dates

Friday 20 Feb from 7-9pm
Friday 20 March from 7-9pm
Friday 10 April from 7-9pm
Friday 15 May from 7-9pm


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About Devotion by Kalindi Jordan.

Devotion is the love, the loyalty and the enthusiasm we experience for either a person, an activity, a belief or a cause. Devotion, as a feeling in the body, brings a certain quality of opening – not just within the heart but to a higher connection with what we chose to bring our devoted attention to, creating a unique flavour of connectivity. When we nurture it and feed it with gratitude, appreciation and enjoyment it not only fills us with energy and joy but awakens flow, reciprocation and dissolves loneliness within us. Singing with devotion is an opportunity to invite and open to the quality of vibration of the words and meaning which is within you.

So calling with all that you are, is throwing open the gates of devotion to the amazing-ness of life. Devotion opens us to perceive finer vibrations and awakens deep connection within the self and to the object of devotion.