Presence based Workshops

 Alchemy of Intimacy and Voice

This is a fun experiential workshop exploring intimacy with the moment, with ourself and intimacy with our world. Weaving this with vocal sound and harmony – using sound as an expression of our inner landscapes and using harmony to expand our sense of self and out connection with life. Tuning into the ocean of presence, sound and song that is our life force.


Singing the Sacred

Workshops singing beautiful sacred songs from around the world in glorious harmony. I share specific breathing techniques for singers and we explore deeper embodiment of the song. Available for half day, full day or evening sessions – by your invitation.


Succulent Humm

Glastonbury’s Sacred Songs Choir –  come and join us sing your heart open…


Being ‘This’ Breath

Peter will be leading Glastonbury’s Breathing Circle in one of the coming months – stay tuned for dates – click link above to read more.


 Breathe Better Live Better Masterclass

This is a must for most people – re-educate your breathing habits – better breath = better living.