For Women

Throughout my life I have been fascinated and ‘magnetised’ by everything about women and have had many deeply intimate yet non sexual friendships with the women in my life. I have an ease with women and know how to meet them on many levels and because of this many of my therapeutic and spiritual gifts are geared towards them. I have created types of Sacred Bodywork sessions for women to come into deeper relationship with themselves so that they can live in deeper conscious intimate relationship with their men (or women).

Tantric and intimacy coaching/training sessions are £60 per hour and can be received as individual 3 hour sessions, a course of 3 hour sessions or full day, weekend or week retreats depending on your desires and needs – contact me to discuss.

Individuals and Couples Intimacy and Tantric Coaching/Training

Teaching individuals or couples practices for healing and expanding sexual awareness and function, looking at what prevents intimacy, how to reach deeper states of connection, intimacy and pleasure, how to use massage to share and expand live

I have a practical and somewhat hands on approach to couples work, offering ongoing training and coaching on the subjects of tantra, breath, intimacy, sexuality, touch, intimate massage and connection.
I am passionate about educating people about the difference between sex and love making and looking at individual’s perceptions of intimacy. – I do not offer couple’s counselling or conflict resolution.

Synergy Tantric Bodywork

Synergy Tantric Bodywork enables us to bring awareness, connection, energy, polarity, acceptance, healing and love to the places that are taboo in other forms of massage, these intimate and sacred places hold an enormous amount of tension and emotion as well as vast oceans of pleasure. Within this work, deeply unconscious feelings can be revealed, understood and released.

I bring deep compassion and love into the most intimate and wounded places of women. He holds a clear space for this work to unfold and brings no sexual agenda.

Yoni Massage

Many women feel shame or disgust towards these parts that make them a woman. When we look at a tree we see its beauty, all of it, the creases, knobbles and all, but when we look at ourselves do we look with the same wonder?

I practice the sacred art of Yoni massage which brings women back in touch with the simple beauty of their vagina. To experience touch that is not ‘going somewhere’ just for the bliss of feeling loving touch and the wonders of the sensational landscape that the yoni has to offer.

‘Live’ Intimacy and Sexual Coaching – couples only

This training is ‘live’ sexual coaching – the couple actually makes love and I guide their breath, energy, awareness – dealing with whatever arises for the couple.

Learning Sacred Touch and Tantric Massage

For individuals and couples wanting to learn how to touch each other in deeper more fulfilling ways. Exploring and refining ways of giving and receiving different types of conscious touch and massage, intimate touch, erotic touch, expanded orgasmic touch, lingam and yoni massage, full body tantric massage – whatever kind of touch or massage you want to learn about.
These can be done in a course of 3 hour sessions or full day, weekend or week retreats depending on your desires.

Learning Tantric Meditation

These sessions are to explore the subtle energetic aspects of tantra, the formless, the emptiness that is full of awareness and vibrancy. Specific meditations, energy cultivation and awareness practices to awaken and hone the subtle senses.

Tantric Breath-work

Breathing exercises and practices to bring about transformation of one’s awareness/consciousness. In tantra we use breath as a tool to gain mastery over the body and mind and to access higher levels of energy and learn how to move this energy with the breath.

Tantric Energywork

Learn a beautiful energy movement meditation which reveals the true depth and essence of tantra, beingness, beyond all concept of oneself. This is a silent gift, a reflection of pure consciousness and expansion. It can be learned and practiced alone, with a friend or lover or in a group.