Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time is the actual hands on massage?
A: During the 3 hours I first take a consultation – then guide you into a more sensory awareness. The actual hands-on massage lasts over 2 hours – I allow integration time afterwards as often people don’t want to come back from the bliss that they are in!!
Q: Can it help with pain?
A: Yes, depending on what is going on for you – in my experience it can help with pain. Not only does the session work on the physical body but also opens you to a deep state of relaxation in which the body can unwind and release, creating balance in the body where healing can occur. For instance, I have cured some hip and low back problems through releasing tension in the pelvis during deep yoni massage sessions.
Q: Do you offer shorter sessions?
A: I have found that for this level of work 3 hours is needed. I can offer shorter sessions depending on the circumstances. This changes some of the nature of the process – please contact me about this.
Q: Am I (Peter) naked for the session?
A: No – the sessions are about you deepening into the awareness of your own body.
Q: Do I have to be naked to receive the session?
A: It is preferable as the massage cannot be done through clothes and the sessions include working the genitlals. This is something we can work towards if it makes you uncomfortable – working with this discomfort is all part of setting you free.
Q: What can I expect from this type of bodywork?
A: Some sessions will be full body massage sessions and some will be focusing on specific areas of the body, specific challenges or emotional holding using point holding with breath and presence based techniques. Some sessions explore your relationship with your energetic intimacy and your body. The session is dictated by your needs these are often unconscious – my intuition is very strong around where we need to work, sometimes it will be massage couch based and sometimes futon based. I massage your entire body with intuition, with love, with clear focus and with devotion, every part of you is sacred and is treated so. Together we explore your body with touch, with breath, with awareness and, always with presence. I will not stimulate you to bring you to orgasm, tantra is about being present with what is and allowing that to lead us – it is not trying to make it go somewhere you want. You may, however, become aroused and orgasm may happen but as a natural energetic movement rather than a chased, forced place to reach. This is a deeply healing, professional, deeply sensual, whole body experience which leaves you feeling fully alive, relaxed and connected.
Q: Who is this good for?
A: I offer Tantric Synergy Bodywork to women who are either on a path of self unfoldment or for those who wish to begin their journey and I encourage them to take on a personal intimacy self practice. I offer intimacy coaching sessions as personal development programs for those wishing to explore the deeper relationship with themselves and the divine.