Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork

breathing-exerciseDo you suffer from shortness of breath?

Do you want to have a larger capacity for breath?

Do you want to get more out of life but don’t know how?

Do you want to experience ecstasy without drugs?

Do you want a simple 20 second way to reach peak state?

Do you want an effective and natural way to deal with anxiety, depression or strong emotions?

“When we breathe we take in life and expel death.”

As long as humans have breathed we have both consciously and unconsciously used our breath to alter our state of consciousness. Infinity Breath-Work is a body of work that integrates techniques from several systems of breathing, utilising diaphragmatic stretches and breathing exercises for experiencing, exploring and expanding some of these states. It is also designed to enable the release of trauma that is held within the body which impede the natural flow of breath.

Our natural response to threat is to flood the body with adrenaline which causes the fight or flight mechanism. However as babies before we were able to fight or flee we had to deal with this in a different way, we would either freeze, faint or disassociate. These patterns are then embellished, strengthened and overlaid with other emotional coping strategies throughout our life.These are stored within our emotional and physical bodies and can be accessed via the breath.


Nowadays we rarely face life threatening situations yet we have highly adrenalised reactions and many of us live with a low level adrenaline flowing for most of the time. When this mechanism is being triggered our breathing pattern is disturbed in some way – generally our breath becomes faster, shallower which perpetuates the release of adrenaline and we are actually starving ourselves of oxygen. When we release the underlying patterns that put us on hyper alert and let the body know that we are not in danger then we can learn to live in a more balanced and stable way.

Breath is life (you don’t last long without it) and breath is the cure, bringing life back to those frightened, frozen, stuck, lost places within us.

The Surrender Breath

This is Conscious Connected Breath-Work with a difference…

As an ever evolving breath-worker I have discovered that there is often something missing with other forms and styles of connected breath work. They do not fully utilise the lungs and often do not facilitate as deeper surrender to the moment as they might. The Surrender Breath takes Conscious Connected Breathing to the next level and when practiced in conjunction with other specific exercises from Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork it has the potential to create powerful lasting change in your life.

Work Out Your Breathing Apparatus

By using specific diaphragmatic stretches and exercises along with different types of breath we can start to peel back the layers of compensation that our body has been holding and come back to an effortless natural state of relaxation. We can then start to awaken to and enjoy the more subtle pleasures of the body.

images-1Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork is great for everyone – as we all breathe, it is especially good for those who have breath impedance of some kind, unresolved emotional trauma or for those who wish to expand their breathing capacity and performance such as athletes, wind instrumentalists and singers.

I offer 1-1 and group sessions which have elements of both healing and training within them.

Initial 1-1 sessions are £100 for a 2 & 1/2 hour consultation and full ‘breathe’.

Further sessions are £95 per 2 hour session.

Home visits and sessions in Glastonbury area are £60 per hour + £1 per mile + hire of treatment room

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