For Men

There is so much out there for women to grow and expand into their sensuality and I so often hear “there is nothing out there for men”


After a lifetime exploring the subject, I am ready and moved to share my experience and techniques with you. The world needs more deeply empowered good men.


My offering to men is via 1-1, couples and group sessions around the subjects of intimacy, sexuality and spirituality coaching sessions.


I also offer therapeutic breath-based tantric de-armouring sessions for men – these are not full body massage sessions. I can work very specifically and intimately within these – especially when working with clients who suffer from premature ejaculation or teaching men to have full body orgasm – however I have had my fair share of men wanting sexual favours and I do not offer them – these sessions are NOT for men wanting a wank! I have no problem about people wanting this service – however there are plenty of places that offer this and my focus is strictly therapeutically and spiritually based.


Sessions are £60 per hour and last from 1-7 hours.