Sacred Bodywork for Women

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 13.23.23Do you long for deeper intimacy with yourself and others?

Do you want to deeply accept and love yourself?

Do you want to love being in your body?

Do you want to explore deeper levels of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality but are too shy, too scared or don’t know where to begin?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then I can help you.

On arrival desire is left at the door – I touch a woman with only my hands, my presence, my heart and my devotion. P.W.

My Synergy Tantric Bodywork sessions guide you into deeper conscious experience of the moment, throughout your body, throughout your senses. Sensation is actually life moving through your body and through your awareness and when you learn to allow it and welcome it – all of it – then you flow with life and this is ecstatic – this is Tantra – this is alive in you always.

LotusSynergy Tantric Bodywork enables us to bring awareness, connection, energy, male/female polarity, acceptance, healing and love to the places that are taboo in other forms of massage. These intimate and sacred places hold an enormous amount of tension and emotion as well as vast oceans of pleasure. Within this work, unconscious feelings can be revealed, understood and released.


Synergy Tantric Bodywork sessions last a minimum of 3 hours.

Sessions in Pilton cost £60 per hour


Home visits in Somerset are £70 per hour + mileage @ £1 per mile

 London home visit sessions are £350 – or £650 for 2 in one day.


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