What to expect from a session

Massage womanWe start with connecting, speaking, discovering what is needed and desired and what is in the way of these desires. Then I massage your entire body with intuition, with honour, with clear focus and with devotion; every part of you is sacred and is treated as so. Together we explore your body with touch, with breath, with awareness and, always, with presence. I will not stimulate you or try to bring you to orgasm, tantra is about being present with what is and allowing that to lead us – it is not trying to reach an outcome. You may, however, become aroused and orgasm may happen, but as a natural energetic movement rather than a chased forced place to reach or achieve. This is a deeply healing, professional, sensual, whole-body experience which leaves you feeling fully alive, relaxed and connected.

I do not massage you to ‘get you off’, I massage you to bring you into a deeper relationship with the love and presence inside of yourself – the only place where they truly reside. I use my own styles of bodywork, breath work and Tantric ‘body de-armouring’ to discover and guide you through the restrictions and wounds that prevent you from loving fully.

Some sessions are more breath work based, some are totally massage based, some are more energetic in their nature and some have more deep tissue work to release the places and tensions that most other therapists are not able, or feel comfortable in accessing. No two sessions are the same as there are no two moments that are the same – presence and your body’s innate intelligence lead me – I give myself totally to the session without goal or outcome forcing the direction. We explore, discover and heal together.

So that you know that you are safe with me, I can arrange my partner Kalindi Jordan, a professional massage therapist and intimacy instructor, to be present in the room for your initial Synergy Tantric Bodywork session.