Sound and Voice

sound vibrationSound has been used as means of communication and expression since life has been on earth – many people believe that the blocks that make up the pyramids were moved by harnessing the power of sound – and science is continually discovering new ways to utilise and focus it. Ultrasound devises are used in medicine to ‘see’ through the body, surgery and industry use ultrasonics as cutting tools and can cleanly and effortlessly cut through the toughest of materials. Just as an opera soprano can shatter a glass with her voice, there are many thousands of well documented cases of miraculous healings coming about through the medium of sound.

For centuries he voice has been used for healing, most native cultures use it for not just day to day communication between people but for connecting with the greater circle of life.

One voice on it’s own consists of the root note plus various harmonics which are individual to that persons voice and change with the facial shapes that they are making which changes the resonant chamber of their mouth. Their emotional state also plays a part in their sound. Then adding another voice with the first creates harmony with the two notes and their harmonics, the more the voices the richer the sound when singing in harmony.

I use sound to amplify the aliveness, the vibration of myself and teach people how to tune in to deeper levels of love, aliveness and connection. Singing utilises the four main aspects of embodiment, awareness, sound, breath and movement and I continuously see that people singing together creates instant community and communion.

Both alone and in collaboration, I run conscious harmony singing events exploring sound, harmony and presence.

Alchemy of Intimacy and Voice

Community handsThis is a fun experiential workshop exploring intimacy with the moment, with ourself and intimacy with our world. Weaving this with vocal sound and harmony – using sound as an expression of our inner landscapes and using harmony to expand our sense of self and out connection with life. Tuning into the ocean of presence, sound and song that is our life force.

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 Singing in the Sacred

United earthEvening and day long workshops singing beautiful sacred songs from around the world in glorious harmony.

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Succulent Humm

Succulent HummGlastonbury’s Sacred Songs Choir –  come and join us singing sacred songs from around the world and sing your heart open…

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Somatic Sound Experience

Sound ExperimentJoin Pete and Mark Ty-Wharton (ex Duran Duran sound engineer) in an experimental workshop exploring sacred chants sung in harmony with Solfeggio and Binaural tones to induce deep states of consciousness.
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Shakti Sings

Shakti Sings rehursal. Kingston. London Feb 2013Pete is an apprentice teacher with Shakti Sings – a 120 strong London based choir led by Susie Ro Prater. Shakti Sings are a national Choir that sing songs to honour the earth and raise awarness of looking after the land. The Choir have performed across the country including celebrating World Environment Day at Covent Garden, Hay’s Galleria and The Scoop in London They also sang at anti fracking demonstrations in Balcombe and what the choir was originally created for – encouraging people to look after the land at Glastonbury Festival.