Succulent Humm

Succulent HummThis is Glastonbury’s Embodiment Choir.

We sing simple, juicy life affirming songs, songs of gratitude, songs of devotion, songs of celebration, heart songs, soul songs, mantras & chants from around the world. We sing for fun, we sing for joy and we sing to open our hearts, enliven our spirits and free our souls.


Whether you love to sing or long to sing then come and explore yourself in voice, in sound, in breath, in connection and in rich harmony. All songs are taught by ear in a fun informal atmosphere. We are a growing community of people who love to gather, connect and share beyond the stories of our personal lives and open up to the collective weaving of vibration, sound and presence that we generate together – it is rich, deep, delicious and is, for many members, the high point of their month.

We are currently on a break and reassessing where, when and if to continue to run Succulent Humm.

Succulent Humm

Contact me if you wish to come along and give us a go.


Here’s what people say about singing with Succulent Humm….

Juliet, Succulent HummPete’s singing evenings have become the return to myself and rejuvenation I need during the week. He holds such a beautiful space, relaxed, informal, fun and sacred. In those evenings I feel I reconnect with myself (and the other lovely people there) on so many different levels. It has helped me realise that for me singing is more than joy and pleasure, it is also a valuable tool I can use in times of difficulty. The beauty of singing with others, and the magic that happens with the joining of all those voices and energies links me with something beyond myself and weaves a special communion between the group.   Juliet


While it is my voice that allows the sound to come through, it is with my heart and soul that I sing every time I participate in one of Pete’s beautiful and creative singing workshops and sessions.  I am always over come with great joy, sweet silence and surrender in class. Pete has an innate ability to have a group of relatively unknown individuals come together and sing with great confidence, strength, beauty and harmony as if they have always sung as one. Thank you Pete, you bring, light, sound, breath and peace into my life, and I look forward to your class every week. 



Nikki Langley, Succulent Humm‘I stumbled upon the Succulent Humm choir group by chance one evening in Glastonbury, it had been a stressful day and so I decided to stay. The beautiful sound made by the group moved me to tears and I left feeling calm and replenished. The way Pete teaches is unique, there is always time to really get into the flow of a song, to to meditate on it and then enjoy the silence. Pete includes everyone so we are made to feel like members of a large family. I am honoured to be part of the Succulent Humm.’        Nikki


 I’m a woman who likes to sing, I don’t call myself as a singer!  I have been to several of Peter’s Sacred Song choir evenings in Glastonbury because I love to try different things and meet new people.  The evenings are enchanting and not at all what you expect.  Peter teaches us simple chants and songs and when we all sing together the effect is like several harmonising bells.  It’s an incredibly uplifting experience.  And when the singing stops we are silent, we listen and feel and the ringing continues throughout your entire body.  A truly magical experience.



 Peter guided us all in a relaxed and natural way that made everything feel effortless. I felt immediately at ease and was equally amazed and joyed by the wonderful sound we all made together. It was a fun and safe space to experiment and find confidence in my voice.