Synergy Massage

Are You a Bodywork Connoisseur?


I am – so I give the kind of bodywork that I want to receive – I call this Synergy Bodywork.
Over the past 25 years, I have travelled through much of the world searching out the best therapists, bodyworkers and teachers. Having had numerous sessions and trainings from so many inspirational beings who practice and teach some of the most beautiful and powerful bodywork modalities on the planet, I continue to learn and grow as a bodyworker and facilitator of change. I integrate breath, presence, guided awareness, subtle energies, sound, mantra and tantra with deep intuition and a vast selection of well integrated bodywork techniques. Many say that my bodywork is unique – beyond massage – transcendental — the best they have ever experienced – and many of them are very experienced receivers of bodywork.
I am not a body ‘mechanic’ – my bodywork does help ease and sometimes cure pain – however my real focus and my gift is bringing people out of a different kind of suffering and back into bliss. Yes I will squeeze, knead and stretch your muscles but also I will soothe, nurture and tenderise your soul. I can work at any level of being and intimacy that is required – I am also can intimacy coach and tantric bodyworker. My sessions last 3 hours so there is enough time to go to the depths that we need to.
I work with your body, your energy and with that which cannot be confined in a form – your formless essence, I help you bring this into deeper embodiment within your form and within your life.


SynergyBodywork has developed through my practice of:

Therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic Yoga massage, Indian head massage, Thai massage, Myofascial release, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, The Form, Breath coaching, energy balancing, Reiki and various styles of meditation.


I tune in to your body’s innate intelligence, and moved by this, I work to the level that your body needs – not what your mind thinks it needs. I guide your awareness through your body, to your levels of resistance and sometimes pain and through to a place of profound stillness and peace – your true nature – presence. It is not an entirely passive treatment – we work together – the more you participate, the more you trust, the more you let go, the deeper you go.


Sessions last either 2 or 3 hours – Tantric Bodywork sessions are 3 hours minimum.


Sessions in Pilton are £50 per hour – or £60 per hour if you wish Synergy Tantric Bodywork – i.e. including intimate or sexual touch.


Home visit sessions in Glastonbury area are £60 per hour – or £70 per hour if you wish Synergy Tantric Bodywork – i.e. including intimate or sexual touch + £1 per mile


I will travel any distance for session but this is reflected in my price – for longer trips clients often have multiple sessions or arrange for others to have book in that time.


You will be treated either on a treatment couch or the floor depending on your therapeutic needs. This results in what many of my clients have said to be the most profound treatment they have ever experienced – many of them experienced bodyworkers.


SO an invitation… if you love bodywork or have never even had a massage but want to experience excellent massage and bodywork then give me a call – 07929 838667 or email me:
Here is what one of my clients has said about my work.
“Each time I’ve had a session with Peter, I’ve thought it couldn’t get better than that, that I have surrendered more than I thought possible, been more present, experienced more transcendent states and opened myself to deeper intimacy and inner truth .. and each time .. all of the previous awesome experience is surpassed! No matter where you live, drive to Pilton, Somerset and have Peter’s amazing 2 or 3 hour bodywork session.