“Peter is a profound bodyworker and inspirational spiritual teacher – it’s not just his 20+ years of experience – it’s his genuine nature and presence”  S.D. Totnes, Devon
“Even if Pete was not the most incredibly gifted bodyworker, (and that is the understatement of the year) I’d still drive the 120 miles just for one of his amazing hugs – that’s worth the money alone – if you’ve not tried him then you are missing a very important part of life!”   Jessica, Wolverhampton


“Each time I’ve had a Synergy Tantric Massage with Peter, I’ve thought it couldn’t get better than that, that I have surrendered more than I thought possible, been more present, experienced more transcendent states and opened myself to deeper intimacy and inner truth .. and each time .. all of the previous awesome experience is surpassed! No matter where you live, drive to Pilton, Somerset and have Peter’s amazing 2 or 3 hour bodywork session.
N.C. – Glastonbury, Somerset


“Thank you again Peter for the most incredibly mindful massage ever. After my first amazing one with you, I tried to approach this one with no expectations and yet every part of it was better than the first. I experienced total surrender leaving me with the feeling that my body was made of liquid gold and I had a vast cavern filled with universes inside of me. I had just the right amount of space afterwards to integrate the feeling so that it came home with me and wasn’t left behind on the massage table. Bliss in every way, at every level”   Natalie


“Peter – I’ve had the chance to reflect on the massage on Saturday now, and must say that it really was the best treatment I’ve had. You seemed to find exactly the right points with exactly the right pressure to make it a most fantastic 2 hour experience that left me tingling all over. I don’t think the description of how to receive bodywork on the website can in any way convey the sensation and intensity of this therapy – it really has to be experienced first hand”   Anonymous


“I had a Synergy massage recently from Peter. TOTALLY AWESOME in every way. The massage was *super* skilful, integrated loads of different bodywork modalities so that even the energy twinges from the muscle release could be shifted easily and it was the most mindful, ‘present’ massage I’ve ever had. I reckon that’s really what puts it head and shoulders over other bodywork I’ve had and I have a lot to compare it to”   Natalie Chalmers


“The problem is, once you’ve had a massage from Peter, no one else will do”   Kim – physiotherapist


“As a connessieur of massage I can honestly say Peter is up there with the best. He combines deep listening and body understanding with a powerful selection of well integrated techniques. He has a gift in his hands – they understand my body better than I do”  Dawn Morgan


“I have had hundreds of massages from the best therapists all around the world and I can honestly say that this was by far the best that I have ever experienced”  Liz Jones – Journalist


“My body has been at the mercy of many therapists – thank God for Peter Warnock – I’ve been waiting for him for a LONG time….” Katherine


“Peter has the knack of getting right in there where it matters – I swear he is guided by a higher power” Susannah


“Please extend Peter every courtesy, he has the gift”  Sidhamo – Massage Instructor


“I thought I’d died and gone to heaven”  Lee Mangar


“Peter is a unique and profound bodyworker, I swear he touches my soul”  Stephanie K


“I have been longing for somebody to really work my body – now I have found him – thank you Peter” Danielle


“Pete’s integrity is woven through his bodywork. His voyaging to uncover the genuine needs of the body & emotions guide him to tenderness and sensitivity. This is tantra in safe hands.”
Ian Wolstenholme – www.self-realized.org


“Pete gives amazingly affective deep massage with a wonderful gentleness that gets right to the root of the problem” Susie


“Glastonbury has more than it’s fair share of bodyworkers in every flavour under the sun and many are good, but Peter Warnock works at a level that exceeds anything I’ve experienced.

I’ve had bodywork from him since late 2011 and found that while his knowledge of how my body is put together down to the smallest muscle or energy point means he’s absolutely *amazing* at clearing any knots or relaxing me beyond belief, that’s really a small part of what he does .. the spiritual experience has been mind blowing time and time again for me. And somehow he seems to get better every time I go!

Nothing Pete does over the 2 hours is routine or by rote, he’s so present in every moment and holds everything in such total integrity and with such a clear energy that I can let go 100%.

It’s because of that clarity and integrity in our sessions that I felt comfortable to book in for a Synergy Tantric Massage Experience For Women with him recently. It’s really sacred bodywork – my only frustration is that my words (no matter how effusive) hardly reflect how totally amazing and sublime it was! I can’t say that the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with divine orgasmic energy is guaranteed, but I can confirm that taking the opportunity for such expansive work is worth it in every way.” Natalie


My First Tantra Massage Experience by Gaye K Williams

“I have, like most people I know, ‘history’ around sexuality and about being me and being comfortable in my skin and in my feminine power.  I’ve been doing a lot of work around this and to help me with my journey of discovery I booked a Tantric massage with Peter Warnock.  I had received one session of bodywork from him a couple of years ago and met his lovely partner Kalindi, so I had a ‘feel’ of where he was coming from.

When I arrived at the session Pete began asking me questions about my history and what I wanted to get from the session,  I began to feel scared.  So scared that I actually began to cry.  Pete allowed me to cry and explained that this was a natural reaction.  He was able to gently ask me questions which gave me a greater insight into where my fear was coming from.  I felt a lot better very quickly!

During the massage I was able to relax fully, be in the moment and remain fully present.

I felt so incredibly safe with Pete that I was able to totally surrender.  Surrender to the gift of touch – the gift of life.

Pete has a gift. He is a gentle and sensitive man and gives bodywork where you feel totally honoured and respected throughout.

It was a reminder for me how I can be treating my own body and myself – ie – more love and respect.

It was like the ultimate gift to give to myself, for myself, and from myself.

I would thoroughly recommend Pete for bodywork.

Pete – I thank you again for the amazing heart opening experience”