Yoni Massage

The most intimate body parts

YoniWhy is it that the parts of the body that can bring the most pleasure are also the parts that too often one has the most hangups and confusion about?

Many women feel shame or disgust towards these parts that make them a woman. When we look at a tree we see its beauty, all of it, the creases, knobbles and all, but when we look at ourselves do we look with the same wonder? Generally not…

Part of my mission is to help women discover that their body is the wonder of nature manifest – and that they can know that beauty as a living feeling and expression. When a woman is dwelling in that place then she is on fire and the whole world notices.

I practice the sacred art of Yoni massage which brings women back in touch with the simple beauty of their vagina. To experience touch that is not ‘going somewhere’ just for the bliss of feeling loving touch and the wonders of the sensational landscape that the yoni has to offer. There are more nerve endings in the vagina than in any other part in the body. And these nerve endings are there for you to feel the myriad of sensations of pleasure of your creative centre. Too long have humans either suppressed or trained their sensitivity for the goal of orgasm of either ourselves or another often to the point where we are too caught up in that chase to bask in the sensation of the moment. Yoni massage is both therapeutic and sensual. It offers a space to be loved, held and nurtured in our most sacred and intimate vulnerability. To simply feel, receive, breathe and surrender in that place is a true gift and much can arise – both pleasure and suppressed feelings. It can open one to new possibilities, deeper levels of trust within oneself, a deeper surrender in the body and much deeper capacity for pleasure as well as a more healthy and wholesome relationship within the body.

3 hour Yoni Massage sessions offered in Pilton are £180 for one offs – contact me for details of reduced price block booked multi session packages.