overwhelm2Do you feel that life is so full and busy that it is whizzing by and you are going to miss it?

Do you want to not only enjoy, but LOVE being more alive and more in your body?

Do you want to explore deeper levels of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality but are too shy, too scared or don’t know where to begin?

Do you long to meet people who you can be yourself with?

Do you long to express yourself but are too embarrassed or afraid to do so?

Do you want to sing your heart open?

Do you want more fun in your life?

Do you long for peace and tranquility?

Well you have come to the right place…

I have a dream…

I yearn for people to encounter each other with reverence and gratitude. For people to live in the simplicity within their hearts, to experience their deeper truth and to meet each other from that space of love, integrity and connection. I have a gift for guiding people to discover this – whether it be through touch, breath-work, play, tantra or singing in harmony.

I have discovered that most people are restless, craving something, eager for what’s coming, not totally comfortable to being here now without wanting to change something to make it acceptable.

Many have either lost that simple awareness or just don’t know how to make it happen. This makes them dependent on love and happiness coming from an external source. Living life this way is unsustainable and is an exhausting self perpetuating loop. Trying new things, getting bored, needing new, getting bored again and all the time becoming more despondent and desperate.

The truth that you seek in fact is what you already are, but you are too busy looking at your ‘shopping list’ of wants and don’t wants to notice what is actually alive within you NOW!

A baby lives in complete rapture with the moment, in awe, fascinated by the wonder of just being.

This why I am inspired to educate people from all walks of life about the simplest of truths. THIS is it, THIS, that you are already experiencing. But you have to stop looking for something else and experience THIS with all of your senses, so fully and intimately that there is no room for any next, any judgement or fabricated story of what THIS is. Become so totally fascinated by THIS moment, so completely captivated and choose that this is enough – not just for now but for ever.

Then slowly the awareness of the miracle of living awakens. We notice that we are actually just happening, appearing right now in our awareness, in our body – we actually can’t stop it. We are all miracles happening NOW.

These are the principals of my life and my work, guiding people to experience more of themselves and to love being fascinated by being THIS in every moment in every aspect of their lives.

I offer events, workshops and sessions with the primary focus of presence and connection.

Sacred Bodywork for Women

Sacred Bodywork sepia - Peter WarnockDo you long to be touched with complete reverence, devotion and love? To be fully met by a man who has no hidden agenda. Do you find that often massage doesn’t quite hits the spot, you want to feel more connected, embodied and surrendered.

Although I have been a bodyworker since 1992, I am continually astounded by the awesome healing power of human touch. Time after time I have clients ask me to work on a more intimate level to connect the whole body, to include the sexual body, this is true holistic bodywork – integrating body, mind, soul and sexuality and leaving nothing out. Massage of this kind provides a much deeper more wholesome experience leaving the client resting in the fully connected delicious humm of her sensuality.
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Breath of LightBreath is life, breath is magic, without it for only a few minutes and we die. Learn simple ways to use your breath to instantly change your state, raise your vibration, increase your wellbeing and vitality, help you deal with stress, fear and anxiety and to live more fully.

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